How to Make a Family Prayer List

Prayer is important in all of our lives!  As Christians we want to have a healthy prayer life, I know in my own life when my prayer time suffers I suffer.  We need to be in conversation with our Lord, we need HIM in every way and so does our family!  Although everyone in the family should be encouraged to have their own prayer life, we can also have prayer lists together.  I thought I would share some creative ways you can do this as a family! *affiliate links included

prayerlist1Bulletin Board – I love this because it’s visual  You can stick sticky notes, missionary cards (you can even have one board just for missionaries to pray for all year)  You can add family Christmas cards to it to pray for the different families, or even children that you sponsor!  The bulletin board gives you a great way to give a visual reminder to the whole family to pray!

I love this one from We are That family, You can find the instructions here> , I love this one too.

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You can also just use a plain bulletin board!  Once you add sticky notes and pictures it really makes it look colorful and bright!

Journal or Prayer Book – You can leave a prayer journal out as a coffee table book and have everyone update it.  You can pray together each night for the list!  Remember to document the answers with the dates of the answered prayers.  This helps to deepen everyone’s faith and it is a great testimony to your children.  I love Rachel’s post that shows 5 Ways to keep a Prayer Journal

Room or Space – The movie “War Room” this past year spoke to so many about the importance of having a hidden place to go and spend time in prayer!  It really moved me and encouraged me to be more disciplined in my prayer life!  I love this idea on creating a prayer closet at embracing a simpler life>

prayer closet graphic no titleOr creating a war room of your own at project inspired!  , I feel honored that she shared my bible caddy with her readers!

Prayer Sticks – You can have a jar or basket with the names of people your family wants to pray for on sticks!  You can pick one a night and pray for them at dinner or at devotional time!

I love this one at joyshope here>


I love the idea of adding them to a basket with your bible supplies!  Like here at samsnoggin >

Prayer Cards –   You can also use a box full of cards with prayer on them, you could even add pictures in a box like this one at thepurposefulmom>

There are many ways to have a family prayer list together and it’s a wonderful way to pray together as a family.  This is a  great testimony and a fantastic way to pass down  a legacy of prayer warriors.

prayer list2

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    These are great ideas – love the tactile experience. Hubby and I are living and traveling fulltime in our RV (that’s about the size of a closet – LOL) so technology is our “go-to” resource.

    We use the ECHO prayer app – it’s recently been updated to be able to share with others. I’ve set up push notices that “ding” at certain times and both Rob and I know that at 10:10 AM we stop what we’re doing for a few moments and pray for that person. At 12:52 it’s two other people, and at 3:40 it’s for someone else. We’re really found that this app has fit well into our lives and made “praying without ceasing” a reality for us. I’m imagining this would work well for a family (especially if they’re homeschooling) and for prayer groups also.

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