How to Make Back to School Supply Buckets!

Making the first day or the first week of school special can really help get your children excited about school. I love to have a special surprise at the table when they wake up the first day back. If you do all year school you could schedule this sometime after one of your breaks.

buckets2I usually get some kind of different container each year; I like to get one they can use for other things such as storage for toys or school supplies.

Some fun things you can put in their container are:

back to school suprisejp1gYou can find much of this at the dollar store or in your stash from last year. Give them the first 15 minutes of the school day to look through their new things. It can create excitement and joy at least for a little while and I will take all I can get when starting a new year.

back to school suprises1 4One of my favorite containers has been the see through box above with a lid.  These make great supply boxes and they can carry them throughout the house without everything spilling out!  You can even label them with their names with a label maker or name stickers if you want!

Don’t feel like you need to spend tons of money on it, just buy what you normally would anyway with your supply list and add a little more fun with it with a container or ribbon. Add a special note for each child letting them know how proud of them you are and how you’re looking forward to this year of learning with them. Maybe even add a special prayer or scripture verse just for them. They will love it!

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bucketsHave a wonderful first day of school; don’t take one day of being able to homeschool your children for granted it. It is such a gift!

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