How to Set Goals as a Family… That Actually Last

The New Year is here and it is the perfect time to be thinking about setting goals. We often think of goal setting for our businesses, homeschooling, or even our health.  Most of us want to set individual goals or resolutions; however we don’t usually think to set family goals.

The backs of a happy family of three people, including mother, father and baby are standing on a white sand beach, looking out at the ocean on a summer vacation.I want to encourage you this year to do something different!  Have a family meeting where you have some simple snacks and gather your family together to talk about the New Year!  You should have a nice size pad of paper and a pen so you can write down everyone’s ideas!  This is a time to brainstorm together, encourage everyone to come up with ideas and at the end write down what is most important to your family!  Statistics show that writing down your goals, you are more likely to follow through and make them happen!

I think one of the greatest things you can do as a family is setting goals.  You can see amazing things happen in your family life when you set goals together.  It is also a wonderful example to your children for setting goals in their future.  This can benefit them in their work, their business, or their schooling!

Benefits of family goal setting:

Setting goals as a family gives your family purpose.  This is the perfect time to write a family mission or what is important to you as a family!  This makes saying no a lot easier throughout the year.  You can ask yourself does this fit our family mission, if the answer is no then you know your answer will be no!

Setting goals can help you achieve better health.  Maybe you have wanted to start eating healthier as a family and you want to learn more about that.  You may have a family member that has been having health issues and you want to support them in making changes and set goals.  This is also the perfect time to start an exercise plan as a family!

You can do more for the Lord – There are so many spiritual goals we want for our family but just hoping they will happen doesn’t make them so.  Maybe we want to serve more, save for a mission trip, memorize scripture, or read your bibles more together.  Setting spiritual goals can help you make that happen!

Young woman reading bible by stream in summerYou can achieve home goals – This is the perfect time to talk about home projects you want to do as family, plan family vacations, or even start a new meal planning or chore chart!  When you get together to talk about these things, you set up a greater chance it will be successful!

Marriage Goals – Don’t forget the marriage! There is always room for improvement. Maybe you want your communication to be better, you want to start a devotional or bible study, or you just want to commit to praying together! Maybe you are having a really hard time in your marriage right now and just need to see a counselor or make times to be intentional on working on issues. Marriage is not always easy and it takes work to make it stay strong! This is one area of goal setting you may want to do in private away from the kids but set some goals to make your marriage stronger this year! It is worth it!

Setting family goals can help you connect on a deeper level as a family and give you great things to work toward!  I hope you all create amazing goals for your New Year!!

The backs of a happy family of three people, including mother, father and baby are standing on a white sand beach, looking out at the ocean on a summer vacation.I would love to see you subscribe and stay awhile!  I would love to get to know YOU better!  You can find me on Facebook too!!

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  1. says

    Great post! We sat down on Sunday after church and came up with individual goals for each family member as well as family goals. Our oldest are five now, so we had them input what they would like to accomplish, and made family goals too. I think it will be so rewarding! We made a sheet and printed out the goals and laminated and stuck it on the wall where we can see it daily. 🙂

    • Angela says

      I just love this idea! I saw your board on instagram and it looks wonderful! What a wonderful reminder for everyone in the family to see!

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