Learning Your Child’s Love Language

lovelangjpgWhen we take time to know our children’s love language we show them they are truly valued and we care deeply for them.  We all have a different love language.  Most of us love gifts, affirmation, and affection but usually there is one that really gets to our hearts like nothing else!  Learning your children’s love language not only helps you connect with them on a deeper level but helps you have more of a personal relationship with them!  You are pouring good things in their memory banks!!

This does take time and effort on your part but it is worth it!  If you want to win your children’s heart, knowing what reaches theirs is a great start!!

The love languages are:



quality time



I bet you already know which one goes with some of your children.  Quality time and words are probably my children’s biggest ones!

There are 2 great books that can help you find out what your child’s love language is.  The 5 Love Languages of Children and for the teenagers The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers New Edition: The Secret to Loving Teens Effectively

I encourage you today to look out for your children’s love language.  Once you do, make sure you keep it in mind when you are parenting that child!  I bet if you do, you will see that relationship grow, this is especially great to do with a child you are struggling with!  It will make such a difference.

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    I started to speak my daughter’s love language when she was 3. I immediately noticed a change in her desire to obey. Her love tank was full. She is now 10 And I am still diligent to speak her language which is very different from my own. It is worth the effort!

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