Learning Your Husband’s Love Language

husbands love language pinA while back I did a post on Learning Your Children’s Love Language and it has been one of my most read posts!  This really hits a spot for parents and is something that is very important to them!  I thought it would be fun to talk about our spouses in this way too!  SO, this month I’m covering the husbands and next month my husband will guest post for the wife’s!  So excited about that!

One of the greatest gifts we can give our husbands is learning their love language!  If we have been looking for ways to be intentional in our marriages this is a great thing to do!  Once we know the love language we can start to make a conscious effort to bless our husband’s with it!   This can be a beautiful thing to do in any marriage and is something we should do but if you are really struggling this could be the start of something wonderful!  Work hard to put aside the hurt and pain you are feeling and concentrate on learning your husbands love language and blessing him with it!  You just might knock his socks off!!

There is a fun quiz on the love language site.  Have a fun evening and give your husband the quiz-I was really surprised with many of  my husband’s answers.   His number 1 was physical touch-Now, I KNOW what you are thinking but actually sex wasn’t the top answers on many of his, physical touch like holding hands, rubbing his back and giving him a massage ranked HIGH for him!  His 2nd was quality time (and we think only women want that)  He loves for me to spend time with him-it means the world to him if I just come out and sit with him while he grills or fixes a car-just to sit and chat with him!  He loves to watch TV with me or for me to run an errand with him!

I know sometimes I am so goal focused on things that need to be done that I feel like I’m wasting time just sitting there!

But you know what?

I’m not, I’m doing the most important thing and the thing that I should be doing the most!  I’m pleasing my husband and giving him joy! 

Learning your husband’s love language is a beautiful thing for you to do!  This does take time and effort on your part but it is worth it!  We so often forget to pursue our husbands like we did when we were dating and learning your husband’s love language can help you do just that!

Just to recap:  The love languages are:



Quality time



There are several great books that can help you find out what your husband’s love language is and how to nourish it.  The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lastsand if you are looking for a great devotional to do together you can do the devotional book The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional (The One Year Signature Series)!  Sometimes couples have a really hard time having great conversations and this is the perfect book for that-great for date nights- 101 Conversation Starters for Couples (101 Conversations Starters)

I encourage you today to look out for your husband’s love language.  It could very much change your marriage!

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    Angela my husband and I enjoyed finding out our love languages recently. Mine kind of surprised me and I had pretty much figured out my husbands. Great post and definitely good advice to help marriages thrive. Enjoyed visiting from Wedded Wednesday!

  2. says

    Hi, Thanks so much for this reminder. We tend to get caught up in the day to day and forget to pay attention to the details we’re leaving out. So thanks… Love your blog!

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