10 Great Summer Family Nights

Family of four having fun on tropical beach

There is just something wonderful about the summer time!  I have such wonderful memories of chasing the ice cream truck, visiting with relatives and sitting out on their front porch while we all got flavored snow cones or having our family vacation on the beach.  The familiar smells, the warm weather, and even the music that played all bring back wonderful memories.  I want to create those times … [Read more...]

10 Insanely Awesome Ways to Connect with your Kids

happy loving family. pretty young mother reading a book to her daughters

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info. My son and I recently started visiting colleges.  Yes, colleges!  How did this happen?  Didn't I just bring him home from the hospital in one of those cozy hospital blankets and little hat? After getting one child to 18 (still have two to go) I can't say I got everything right!  No one does!  But  I can tell … [Read more...]

5 Ways for Mom to Relieve Stress


The holiday are among us and even if we really love them, often stress can accompany them. It could be financial, dealing with extended family members or just the hustle and bustle. As moms we will will often experience stressful times in our family life and in parenting. No matter how much you enjoy being a mom there are going to be stressful days with it! Sometimes stress can even come … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Make Meaningful Conversation in Your Marriage


Do you remember when you first met your spouse? Think back about that time and remember how great it felt to talk for hours on the phone, or how having dinner together was a treat just because you were able to spend quality time with them and have great conversation. You enjoyed one another and couldn’t wait to hear about each other’s day, family, and/or dreams. However many years into marriage … [Read more...]

10 Thanksgiving Gratitude Activities to do with the Kids!

thanksgiving activities!

I love this time of year!  The fall colors and cooler weather remind us that the holidays are coming soon!  Thanksgiving is one of my favorites and I love all the fun activities you can do to remind you of gratitude!  I love you can do them with your children also. Gratitude Journals -  We do this all year but if that is too much the month of November and December are great months to keep … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Encourage Learning in the Home

6 ways to encourage learning

Learning and knowledge are wonderful things, however our kids don’t always see it that way. Many times they have a negative outlook on learning because the only thing they can think of when hearing that word is school work. It doesn’t have to be that way.  There are several things we can do to make our homes a home where learning takes place naturally.    We want to give our kids a love of … [Read more...]

10 Frugal Family Night Ideas

10 frugal family nightsjpe

Life is busy!  It is so easy to get caught up in a schedule that separates you often as a family!  You even have to be careful with kids activities and sports schedules because although you are often there at their practices and ballgames you don't get much time for conversation and building relationships! This is what I love about family nights!  They are an intentional activity that helps … [Read more...]

5 First Day Back to School Traditions

High angle back to school still life on top of a wood teachers desk. An apple, note pads, pencils and erasers with copy space.

We are homeschoolers but we love the 1st day of school just like everyone else!  I can't always guarantee they will love the work load but they will love their 1st day of school traditions!  I always try to make a big deal of the first day to make it special! Here are our 5 favorite first day of school traditions! A Special Breakfast - We always do a box full of fresh doughnuts on the first day … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Prepare Your Heart for Back to School


Summer time goes way too fast!  Very soon we will be preparing for back to school!  Now back to school for us is back to school at home because we homeschool but even with that we have to get our minds and bodies back to "doing school" and it takes some preparation!  For many families back to school will mean sending their kids to a different building every day with a new teacher for the year!  I … [Read more...]