NIV Faithgirlz! Bible

NIV Faithgirlz! Bible Published at Zondervan Discover the Beauty of Believing with the Faithgirlz! Bible Contributor Nancy Rue guides girls to discover a personal relationship with God. Packed with exciting features that help tween girls better understand themselves and Scripture, the Faithgirlz Bible teaches girls that the Bible is real, relevant, and, best of all, that the story of God … [Read more...]

Building a Character Building Library

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In history, character was often built on hardships and trials.  Many of the great men and women in our history came from poor means and often tragedies that truly motivated them to greatness.  We have been blessed in our nation for several generations and our kids have rarely faced the hardships of our ancestors, I’m not sure how much longer that will last but for now it is so. So how do we … [Read more...]

Tips on Planning the Perfect Family Night


Well let me start off by saying, there is no PERFECT family night but there can be GREAT ones. Several years ago we started family nights.  We wanted a special time to just focus on the kids and enjoy our time together as a family. Family nights do not have to be expensive; there are many different things you can do together that are cheap or even free. *The first thing to do is brainstorm your … [Read more...]

Christmas Books Around the Tree


I recently saw this idea on Small Notebook.  I LOVED it!  She has smaller children then I do, she didn't use as many books as I did, hers looks way prettier.  Leave it to me to go CRAZY.  We are a lover of books around here and as soon as I saw the idea I ran to get all my Christmas books and I put them under the tree.  If you don't put presents out early (we don't) this is fun! The kids really … [Read more...]