Day 4: The Book of Virtues and More

If you are not familiar  with William Bennetts'  books, there are a few you have to check out for your character building library.   He has three that I think are wonderful! This is what the book description says and I couldn't say it any better.  The 1st one is The Book of Virtues William J. Bennett has collected hundreds of stories in The Book of Virtues, an instructive and inspiring … [Read more...]

Day 3: Lamplighter Publishing

I could NOT have a character building book series with mentioning Lamplighter Publishing.  Their motto: Building Character One Story At A time Mark Hamby has a passion inside of him like none other I have ever seen to help families build character in children.  If you have never heard Mark Hamby speak, it is a MUST!  He is one of the greatest speakers on parenting I have ever heard, I will have … [Read more...]

Day 2 : The Kingdom Series by Chuck Black

kingdom series

Do you have boys?  They will love The Kingdom Series!  This is a must have for your character collection.  I'm reading this to my oldest son right now (13) but any age and really even girls will love it.  Honestly, I am in book 2 and I have a hard time putting the book down at read aloud time, it is Fabulous! These are stories that represent Biblical truth into allegorical form. Dave … [Read more...]

Day 1: God’s Word

31 Days

I couldn't start off my 31 Series of Character Building Books without starting with God's Word.  It is the ultimate book to teach character.  God gives us a clear path to have a life of wisdom and good character.  Throughout the Bible you will read about men and women who had it and ones who didn't.  You will see the story of Grace and the story of Redemption.  There is no better book to be … [Read more...]

Focus on the Family I Will Campaign (2 free downloads)

Last year when I attended Relevant (now Allume) I was more then excited to team up with Focus on the Family as a blogger. This is an organization that is dear to my heart and I believe so much in the work that they do to help strengthen the family. I am so happy today to tell you about a campaign called I will.  This is intentional things you can do to make your family stronger.  Focus’ “Today, … [Read more...]

The Dig for Kids

Are you looking for a devotional to do with your children or with your whole family together?  Maybe you are looking for a Bible progam to use with your children in your homeschool. If so you have to check out The Dig for Kids.  This is a program that is being launched today by Ruth and Patrick Schwenk from The Better Mom.  The Better Mom launched a year today and I can't believe it, it has been … [Read more...]

Teaching Your Children About Money

photo credit We all want our children to learn wisdom when it comes to money.  We want them to see the value in saving and giving and to be able to enjoy their purchases with pride because they saved for something great.  I know sometimes if we have struggled with our own money issues we often feel like we can't teach our children about money.  Maybe we feel inadequate or we feel like we have … [Read more...]

Strong Willed Series


My strong willed series post are here 1. Draw them Closer, don't push them away 2. Say Yes when you can 3. God gave your child the will 4. Saying your sorry to the strong willed child P.S. I hope you like what you see here and decide to subscribe!   You can also find me on facebook! … [Read more...]

Saying You’re Sorry to your Strong Willed Child (Strong Willed Series)

Today is my last post on the strong willed child series. Find the 1st post here on drawing them closer, 2nd post on Saying Yes and third post on God gave them this will! Many times we make mistakes with our strong willed children.  Sometimes BIG mistakes.  They have a way of pushing every button we have!  They make us feel like failures as parents and often if a bad temper is a struggle for … [Read more...]

God Gave Your Child the Will (Strong Willed Series)


On your worst days with your strong willed child remember this: God made your strong willed child and HE gave them this will for a reason!  HE will use it for HIS glory if we can train and nurture this child up. This child has not been born just to drive you insane; although I know many times it feels like it!  He/She has been born to teach you, to refine you, and to be used by God.  Some of … [Read more...]