Saying Yes to God as a Family

I shared with you all my Family Booklist for 2014!  Once I am done with a book I would love to share with you more in depth on how it was so you can see if you think you want to add it to your list.

Today I’m telling you about this little ebook that I just LOVED.  It is only 1.99 and it is called Saying Yes to God as a family by Kristen Welch.  I have LOVED her blog for years.  I met Kristen several years back and she is the real deal.  She is so warm and down to earth and I admire her honesty in every post she writes.  She is doing amazing things with Mercy House which serves


Saying Yes to God as a Family    – is a 30-day Scripture reading plan for families, with practical guidance on how to connect with God’s Word around the dinner table. You’ll find questions for your kids, conversation starters and icebreakers, family prayers, and more. Kristen shares her own story of why this has been so important for her family and how they got started, offers suggestions that have worked for them, and provides a practical, easy approach for your own family to adopt.

This book gives some wonderful ideas to start spiritual conversations with your kids and great tips on getting into the Bible together.  This is a topic I want to cover a great deal on Together with Family.  The book is not very long, it is the perfect size to take in some amazing tips but won’t take up too much time if you are really busy right now in life!

The tips are so practical and so easy, we can get so bogged down with trying to come up with the perfect devotions and ways to make the Bible interesting for our families and this book shows us how easy it really is to add the greatest book of all time to our family life!

She adds icebreakers, gives suggestions on placemat art, object lessons, and even jokes and activities.

She breaks all of these things down in a 30 day reading plan, it is really good!!  I love when a book tells me exactly what to do, of course you can customize this with your own ideas and study also.

You can buy the book on Amazon!   Totally worth 1.99

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