Simple Ways to Make Memories

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Sometimes we feel like we have to GO totally out to make a family night, special memory, or even a recipe the best it can be. We have magazines, blogs, and pinterest screaming to us that everything needs to be perfect and time consuming.

I’m here to tell you that it is just not true! You can find simple ways to make memories together!

I’m a work at home, homeschooling mom of three.  I’m also a wife, sister, daughter, and friend.  Life can be full and busy and that shouldn’t keep you from connecting with your kids in the memory making department.  I want to encourage you to stay simple!  There are some of you out there that are super creative and you enjoy going all out, if that is the case by all means do it but be CAREFUL.  Sometimes you wait so long trying to make it perfect that it never happens.  Most of us are NOT super creative and can often feel like failures as moms when we don’t make the perfect craft or that homemade recipe!

Tips to stay simple:

It doesn’t have to be homemade – I’m hoping to share here on Together with Family simple fun things you can do in the kitchen with your kids that don’t take all day!  Maybe it won’t be homemade; maybe you will use canned soup or premade cookies.  You can still create wonderful memories in the kitchen!

Pick simple crafts – if you are not crafty but still want to do crafts or activities such as scrapbooking (why I love Project Life) with your kids-STAY simple.  Pick the easy ones.  Pinterest is FULL of ideas, it is not hard to go through your boards and pick the ones that only need a few supplies and are simple to do.

Write down a list of family night ideas – Do the easy ones- board game and movie nights, park days, and wii nights.  These are simple but create a lot of conversation and bonding time!

Plan simple dates with your children – if you have a large family you may not have enough time or money to take each child out.  Pick an errand and assign a child to go with you.  For example- one child may go grocery shopping with you each time (maybe you can stop for a hot or cold drink together) , take a different child with you when you get your car washed or paying bills (banking).  Then the next month rotate them.  It will give you special time with each child!  This is great for dads too!

Read together – This is pretty simple, pick up a great read aloud according to your child’s age and just start reading.  We have had some great memories reading books or listening to books in the car on audio together!

Themed Nights – Do NOT have to be hard.  Pop in some pre made cookies (they always have holiday ones that are already decorated) make s simple meal that goes with the theme, and then pick out a movie or game that goes along.  Voila a perfect themed night that didn’t take a week to plan!

Your kids want your time SO much! They are not going to worry if it is not perfect, they are just going to BE SO EXCITED you are spending quality time with them!  You are making memories that they will remember FOREVER!!!

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