Ten Gifts for Your Husband this Valentine’s Day that Don’t Cost a Dime

Valentine’s Day will be here soon and it is a fun day to be intentional with your husband!  We never want our marriages to be about one day, so this post is a great one to keep in mind all year!  Sometimes our husbands can be very hard to buy a gift for, for the most part they are not usually as into chocolate and flowers as we are but there are some things they are into and they don’t cost a dime!

husband v day1Your Laughter – One of the things my husband is always telling me is he misses my laugh!  Our husbands love to hear us laugh.  Sometimes life really weighs us down and we get consumed by parenting, bills, and life issues.  We have to make time to have fun!  Watch something funny together, take time to just be dorky , sing out loud (even if you are not a good singer), find those things that just make you bubble over with joy and let your husband see it!  It delights him and was probably one of the many reasons he fell in love with you!

Your Time – We always think of women needing time but so do men!  Many times they love your company but want it doing things that they love!  Watch a game with him, play a video game with him(even if you don’t know how to play, he will enjoy teaching you), or sit near him and watch him fix something and just chat!  If your husband loves to cook like mine does, join him while he is preparing the food!  Put your to do list away and just focus on him, he will love it!

Your Affection – Most men love physical touch or affection!  Give him a back rub or a massage.  Initiate a romantic night where you take charge in the bedroom (he will love it),  kiss and hold him.  Remind him that he is the man you are in love with and give him a night of passion!

Your Help –  When God created woman HE said she was to be her husbands helpmate!  Maybe your husband is in the middle of a big project or needs to brainstorm for something at work or for his business.   Schedule some time to just let him talk about it, offer him ideas or help, or just take a load off of him that you can.  If he helps out around the house and he is in the middle of something very stressful relieve him of the housework or whatever task you can relieve him of.  This is a wonderful thing to do for one another when one is heavy burdened.  Allow him the space and time to take care of the thing weighing on his mind!

Your Love – Just love him!  Love him even though he is not perfect and even if he don’t deserve it because truth of the matter you don’t either.  We are not perfect people, Jesus loves us regardless- Jesus is the best example of how we should treat our spouse!  Love him like Jesus does!

Space –  Sometimes our husbands just need some space, that doesn’t mean they don’t love you but there are times they are overworked and stressed out, give them a coupon for some free time that is guilt free!  Time to watch an action movie, play golf, work out at the gym, or whatever it is they like to do!  We all need it sometimes but often wives guilt their man over this.  It can be a wonderful gift to them!

Friend Night –  When my husband I got married we vowed we would give each other time with our friends.  We have been married 21 years and we have always honored this even through 3 children.  We have given each other once a month (sometimes even more) to go out and do something with a friend/buddy!  It has been wonderful!  You wouldn’t give him Valentine’s night of course but a coupon for a night out with a buddy/or brother is a great gift!

A Nice Dinner –  The way to a man’s heart is his tummy or so they say!  Fix his favorite dinner or dessert!  You do have to buy the ingredients of course so it isn’t totally free!

Wash his Car/Truck – If you live in a place where it is cold outside of course you will have to issue a coupon for this but to wash his car or truck will be very appreciated!

A Stay at Home Date Night – One where you do all the planning and all the work.  Here is my list for favorite date nights at home!

Hope this gives you some ideas for some special ways to show your man some love this Valentine’s Day and every day after!

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