Tips on Planning the Perfect Family Night

<img src="image.gif" alt="tips on planning the perfect family night />Well let me start off by saying, there is no PERFECT family night but there can be GREAT ones. Several years ago we started family nights.  We wanted a special time to just focus on the kids and enjoy our time together as a family. Family nights do not have to be expensive; there are many different things you can do together that are cheap or even free.

*The first thing to do is brainstorm your ideas on a piece of paper.  Have a family meeting to get everyone involved and write down ideas for your night.  Have everyone share things they like to do.

*Get out your family calendar or planner and find the perfect date.  Start off with once a month and see how they go.  This doesn’t mean you can’t do things with your family at other times (many things naturally come up) but this one date with family will be used to just connect with your kids.  You can pick one that goes with your budget that month.  Sometimes it will need to be a free or cheaper one, other times you may have money for a special one.

*The week of family night add things into your grocery list or any other list you may need to include.  For example, if you’re doing board game night you might want to add some special snacks. The more prepared you all the more you will follow through with your special night.

*On the night of your family night turn off the phone if you can, shut down the laptops, turn off the TV (unless your family night is movie night)and just spend it talking and enjoying one another. Remember it doesn’t always go off perfect.  If you have younger children there may be more interruptions you didn’t plan or you may have to change directions all together, but keep doing it.  As your children get older they will get better about the plan and will come to look forward to family night.

I have some great list for family nights:

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Our children long for quality time with us more than anything; this is a wonderful way to give it to them.

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