Top 10 Educational Field Trips

field trips

Educational field trips are a great way to spend family time together.  We are homeschoolers so field trips that are learning experiences can enhance our curriculum and our studies, however even if you are not they make wonderful memories and help supplement your kids education.  They also make great places to go during summer break!

1.  Museums – You can learn SO much from museums.  There are History, Science, Art, and even Children museums.  They are loaded with educational experiences and many are even free.  We live near the Cincinnati area so we have great museums, and we try to go as much as we can.

2.  Zoos – So many children LOVE animals and there is so much to learn about them.  Your kids can learn about the animals habitat, how and what they eat, and so much more!

3.  Aquariums – This can go along with zoos for some but many cities have separate aquariums and it is great place to learn exclusively about life in the water.  We see everything from starfish to the sharks and in some places you can even pet one (if you dare) they usually have special events going on throughout the week where you can learn about specific things.

4. Live Theater/Plays – I LOVE Theater, it is such a great way to learn.  You can see plays about explorers, Indians, pioneers and more, and sometimes you can see a play based on a book you have read together or a classic such as the Nutcracker.   If you have young children you may want to wait a few years to really enjoy the experience.  My kids are all almost teens so this is a great time for plays.

5.  Historical Sites – Our state is full of history, everything from battlegrounds to past Presidents homes.  You can relive history with reenactments; people dressed up in costumes living out history live, or just enter historic museums.  I love history so this is one of my favorites!

IMG_43686.  Science Centers – I have history lovers and one who doesn’t like history at all but loves science.  You need to switch it up sometimes to create fun times for the whole family.  It also helps give the kids a well rounded experience even if they don’t always love it.  There are special places that just focus on science.  Many children’s museums have complete science centers and kids can learn all about chemistry and physics while watching things really happen.  I feel kids learn best by seeing education in action (much more exciting than a text book)

7. State Capitals – Most state capitals have special tours where you can learn all about state government tour the capital building and even see how a law is passed.  Some of them even allow kids to watch the action when it is taking place!  A great learning experience about their home state or a visiting one (great to compare the differences)

8. Festivals and/or Fairs –You can learn all about the area you live in at your local county fair/festival.  There are even contests your children can enter and possibly win ribbons.   This is also another place you can learn about the lives of different animals and sports/hobbies such as cars or horses.

9. Business Tours – This is becoming very popular.  There are businesses that allow you and your children to go on a tour.  They can learn about how products are made, history of a company and entrepreneurship skills!

10. Working Farms – Have you ever been to a working farm?  Any farm can be a great learning experience but to go to one that is full time working is even better.  You can see how they plant crops, take care of the animals, and even have some hands on lessons.

Another wonderful thing about field trips is they help you connect as a family.  We have some of the best discussions about all that we saw and learned and it is a great way to get to know your kids better.  You find out what they like and dislike and they may even discover a passion they have!

Hope you enjoy the list!

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  1. Rachel says

    Angela, do you live in Cincy? This post was on my Pinterest newsfeed and the pic of the museum caught my eye! I might be referring to you many times in the future as we are planning to homeschool my daughter 🙂

  2. says

    Awesome list. My kids love the zoo & aquarium. We took them to a local children’s museum, that was neat too. We homeschool so we are always looking for new things to explore!

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