Why Working Together as a Family is Important


I have talked a great deal about working together as family on my site!  It is so important in family life!  When you work together you connect!

Now I don’t want to paint a perfect picture that has perfect children doing their chores and housework always with smiling faces and joyful hearts!

We live real life here!

We have bad days, really bad ones at times.  We have children complaining, fighting, and sometimes throwing things around because they have to do their lists.  However I have less of those if I stay consistent because it really does become a way of life for them and me and they know that before they can carry on with their privileges for the day the work has to be done!  It is as simple as that.  No work, no play!   It is a very important lesson for children to learn! It teaches many life lessons about hard work and how to be a productive adult!

You will again find this can be great times for conversations and even fun!  Sometimes we play music and really do enjoy ourselves and we ALWAYS love being in a cleaner environment!

Some of my posts from the past that will help in this area:

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For a free printable for all ages go HERE!


Chore List Printable


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  1. says

    I love you blog, but you MUST know that all the “You might also like” suggestions are sending people to a very bad website. I just tried to read more of your blog posts and was appalled at what i saw. i hope this message finds you well and that you’re able to get to the bottom of this. thanks for all the great posts!

    • Angela says

      I’m so sorry Holly, I just found out a plugin was hacked. I have taken care of it, I’m sorry you had to stumble on any of that! Thank you so much for reading!!

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